What is FDC

FDC - Family Day Care is a well established mode of child care which is governed by a set of National Standards administered by the National Child Care Accreditation Council.

Rated as 'exceeding’in 2012 under the National Quality Standards, parents can be assured that Melbcarlton FDC is at the forefront of safety and best practices for home based child care.

Why Melbcarlton

  • A safe, comfortable and secure home environment
  • Socialisation and developmental play experiences within small groups
  • Stimulating learning opportunities tailored to individuals needs
  • Close relationships with educators and other children
  • Consistency of care


Melbcarlton FDC provides “approved care” which can entitle users to child care benefit (CCB) as well as the 50% child care rebate.

We would manage and process all Child Care Benefit claims on behalf of the parent via the Governments Child Care Management System.

About Us

Best care for your kids

Melbcarlton FDC is managed by founder Kassa Yirdaw, a qualified early childhood professional and teacher who has worked in the field of child care for over 5 years. Kassa Yirdaw has managed long day care centres in Melbourne and overseas.
We have seen the growing very fast to address different flexible child care option in Melbourne and have taken family day care to a new level with enormous support offered to educators and parents by Melbcarlton FDC.

Our Services

Quality outcomes for children

Melbcarlton FDC has a qualified and experienced team of administration and field officers who provide educator, parent and regulatory support on a day to day basis.

  • Full-time/Part time/Casual
  • Respite and emergency
  • Before/after school and School holidays
  • Overnight and shift work
  • Public holidays and weekends

Our Value

Children First

At Melbcarlton we value each child and believe they have the right to a safe, caring, respectful, nurturing and educational environment. We also strive to ensure they are Happy & Healthy whilst in our care and have fun.
We believe that each child should have a sense of belonging & well being, to have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity, self respect and a healthy and positive self-esteem.